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Thursday, July 10, 2014
Wayne Flury, organizer of the Buffalo, MN Sonex Fly-in, sent us this great article about their recent spring event. He also sent a short article published in the Minnesota Flyer magazine.We are glad to see such enthusiasm for a local grassroots event. Thanks for sharing Wayne!

Al Eidukas, organizer of the Great Lakes Sonex Fly-in Bolingbrook, IL, sent an update about the recent gathering that took place at Clow International Airport. Check out our Past Events page for a more in-depth account of the event. You can also view great photos of the event on our photo sharing site. Thanks Al for your time and commitment to this growing event! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014
Greetings Fellow Sonex Enthusiasts, 

Now that we've reached July, your board members at the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation are hard at work preparing the Oshkosh AirVenture 2014 airshow. We're pleased to announce that this year's annual Membership Meeting will once again be held at Oshkosh on Monday, July 28th, the opening day of the show.  

Here are the details:
- 2014 SBPF Annual Membership Meeting
- Located at the Oshkosh flight line adjacent to the Sonex Aircraft, LLC display
- Monday, July 28th, 2014.
- 11:00 a.m. Local time

We hope that anyone who is a member of the SBPF, has an interest in joining, or has an interest in Sonex aircraft is able to attend.  We plan on offering updates to our current status, offer insights on future events, and if you're a voting member, this year will be an election of Michael Farley to a three-year term as a director of SBPF. Please plan on attending this important event!

One important item on the agenda we'd like to bring to your attention is the possibility of the SBPF establishing affiliations with other dedicated Sonex clubs.  In recent months, the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation board members have received several requests from various regional and local Sonex associations with regards to the possibility of forming an affiliation between the SBPF and these independent groups.

In response to these requests, the board members reviewed the original bylaws and realized they do not address the proposed affiliation of independent groups, so we are asking for member input.

The question we'd like to ask our members is, do we want to expand our official affiliations to share resources, membership, and information with regional organizations that have Sonex-related events?  Overall, the board members are generally in favor of the prospect of clubs joining together because of the increase in participation of the community, as well as the ability for owners and pilots to more easily share stories and information.  The ability for the Sonex community to expand even farther is a very exciting idea!

As we considered our possible options, we took a few moments to review our mission goals when the Foundation was first created.  As we already stated, one very important goal, decided on upon the establishment of the Foundation, was that we did not want to take over, compete with, or in any way direct any established group, regional organization, or association such as the American Sonex Association (ASA), Florida Sonex Association, etc.  As such, one aspect of consideration is that the board of directors has already decided that we do not want to get involved in exchanging money or administering the activities of these organizations.

Ultimately, we are requesting our members determine whether or not the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation expand our official affiliations to address these requests.

We welcome comments as well as any points of discussion our members wish to address during this year's membership meeting.  If you’re unable to attend Oshkosh but have input about the affiliation discussion, please comment on the thread posted to or by contacting one of the SBPF officers.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to visiting with you at Oshkosh 2014!
Robbie Culver, President
Michael Farley, Vice President
Eric Seber, Secretary
Carl Orton, Treasurer
Sunday, June 22, 2014
The Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation has received the long-awaited letter from the IRS informing us that the Foundation is officially approved under section 501(c) (3) as a tax exempt not for profit organization.

This letter also states that contributions are officially tax deductible and is effective February 18, 2013.Our designation is a public charity.
Sunday, May 11, 2014
The February 2014 archive version of the SBPF Shop Talk Newsletter is now posted in the Newsletter Archives page. Feel free to check it out! The May issue of Shop Talk is also now available for members only. If you would like to receive a copy of the quarterly newsletter while it is hot off the press simply register as a Club or Voting member. Club membership is free and Voting membership is $25 per year. For more information, visit our Become a Member page!   
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Our forum partner, now offers a daily email digest for those interested.  The email is compiled of posts from the past 24 hours and will be sent out daily at 8AM.  To sign up for this feature, scroll to the bottom of the main page and enter your email address. A verification email will be sent to your email address. This email will contain an activation link which will need to be clicked on to activate your subscription.

A message from Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation:

Greetings all fellow Sonex/Waiex/Xenos/Onex builders, owners, pilots and all those interested in experimental aircraft, sport aviation, and Sonex aircraft.

As you may be aware, the NTSB has been encouraging the experimental aircraft community to improve the safety record of amateur-built aircraft. Type Clubs have demonstrated to have been a significant factor in the overall improvement in first flight, flight testing, and continued operation of E/AB aircraft.

In concert with the above, there have been a core group of Sonex builders/owners who have expressed a desire over the past few months to grow the Sonex community across the nation. What started as one-on-one discussions about bringing more groups together, growing a community, promoting safety, education, and transition training, has now morphed into an informed coalition of individuals who are interested in building a national Sonex type club.

Other experimental and certified aircraft models have type clubs. It is our belief the time is right for a Sonex type club. One glance at the current conversation in the experimental aviation community shows an increased emphasis on many of the topics we have as goals.
We have named this organization the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation.

While we have received the blessing of Sonex Aircraft, LLC, this organization has no formal ties with Sonex Aircraft, LLC. All opinions and information contained within are the result of tech counselor, builder/pilot experiences or trusted sources.

Just to be clear, when we speak of Sonex, we are speaking about all Sonex types of aircraft and all those who currently or may in the future build, fly, own, or those who just admire Sonex aircraft.

To learn more about the Foundation's goals click here!

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